Narrative Means to Sober Ends: Treating Addiction and Its Aftermath

My son Zachary was at his breaking point his mother and I had sent him to multiple rehabilitation centers and other sober livings. Then Design For Recovery gave Zach the gift of the opportunity Intermittent explosive disorder Symptoms and causes to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. The loving and understanding kindness of the staff gave him a good example of how to conduct himself as a sober person.

Each of these issues is then addressed with skill building and accountability, to help you take real steps toward your goals. A recovery coach is someone you check in with on a regular, planned basis. Relapse is frequently part of recovery from substance abuse, but it doesn’t have to be. One goal of working with a recovery coach can be to identify relapse triggers.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sober Mentor in Recovery?

Meanwhile, the mentor receives the priceless gift of satisfaction from helping you. Together a mentor and mentee can grow and become the best versions of themselves and support each other to remain substance-free. In my opinion, this is one of the TOP resources that contributed to saving my son’s life. Staff and managers go above and beyond to make sure your transition after detox or rehab is as smooth as possible. If you’re truly committed to your recovery, then this is the place for you.

sober mentoring

This means that some may only need a few weeks, and others may need months. In the long run, a mentor will focus on the present and then help you build for the future. Your relationship with your mentor is one of the most important ones you can have during your recovery journey. Although this is a job for them and they have to be professional, it works better if they are warm and friendly.

What Does a Sober Mentor Do and How Can I Find One?

This is the Red Hook Youth Court, a community-based court that handles about 150 cases every year of teens who have been arrested throughout the city. Teens end up here at the discretion of a police officer who arrests them, or after a referral from criminal court. Data suggests that these types of community-based programs do a better job reintegrating youth into their communities than the formal justice system.

sober mentoring

Attending meetings on a weekly basis and keeping a clean environment contributed to his growth. This is why one-on-one mentoring is crucially important in a sober living environment. It ensures that each recovering addict is better prepared to meet the challenges of everyday life and receives the individualized attention they deserve. The fact is, addiction, known in the medical community as substance use disorder, is a legitimate mental health condition. Drugs and alcohol actually alter areas of the brain that control motivation and decision-making.

What if the Mentorship Isn’t Working?

The Sober Living Network offers training for operators, managers and those interested in opening sober living homes. Our training offers participants a chance to learn about the best practices employed today, and to interact with others facing similar challenges. My son has been living in a sober living home which has taught him how to control his addiction and become a better person. Because they have gone through the program themselves and are familiar with it, house managers are able to guide you during the whole process.

With guidance from a mentor, the patient can get better insight and self-awareness to recover. Proper guidance also gives a new perspective and helps people identify any habits or behaviors that may need correction. Complete honesty and transparency about addiction experiences help in commitment to sobriety. It usually helps the person acknowledge responsibility to make better decisions regarding substance abuse. Honesty through accountability also helps the individual understand patterns of thinking and behaving that could cause relapse.

How to Find a Sober Coach or Recovery Mentor

A mentorship can guide you to make the right choices and keep going when times are tough. Having a mentor can reinforce your journey down the path to sober living. One of the hardships that many people face when trying to get sober is accountability. A mentor can provide you with an additional level of accountability and give you someone you can talk to when times are tough.

Mentoring isn’t an emergency measure; it isn’t rehabilitation, and it isn’t detoxification. Mentorship is intended to be an ongoing support system after sobriety has been achieved. Not only does Vasquez have a mentor in sobriety, but one in a leadership position as well.

The Benefits of a Recovery Coach

Choosing a sober living home in Los Angeles for my son was the best decision I could have made. The stigma surrounding addiction drives many people, however, to fight it in solitude. There is a prevailing belief in our culture that addiction is a personal failing or weakness, that the best way to stop abusing drugs or alcohol is to try harder. Young men are often pressured by ideas of “manning up” and just quitting. Design For Recovery is committed to helping you or your loved one live a fulfilling life free from alcohol and drug addiction.

For sobriety to be long term, you have to honestly want it for yourself. Sobriety is not something that can be forced upon you by someone else in your life. The maintenance necessary to remain sober takes a lot of time and a countless amount of effort. After you make the conscious decision to recover, everything else will follow.

Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses

There are other resources you can utilize in addition to a mentorship. People pledging a life-long commitment to sobriety may find support from a recovery service and relapse prevention centers such as Transcend Recovery Community. Transcend currently has many locations in key cities from the East to West Coast, such as Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, to cater to the growing needs of people recovering from their addiction. Here are some of the numerous benefits of the services you’ll get from working with recovery and sober escorts or sober coaches. Honesty is the most important requisite in your relationship with your recovery coach.

  • Your sober mentor will help identify triggers and warning signs and teach coping strategies based on their findings.
  • During recovery, you may have noticed that your friend circle has shrunk.
  • We’ll give you tips on how to find someone that fits your personality.
  • That can feel insurmountable when you’re just starting, but a recovery mentor can help shoulder some of the weight.
  • It will also help offer desirable resources and concrete assistance on the road to recovery [3].
  • Mentors for new house members are also often the first to recognize when a person may be putting themselves in danger, struggling with triggers, or dealing with emotional turmoil.

Design for Recovery was founded on the simple idea that addiction recovery entails more than mere physical abstinence. Residents cultivate a firm foundation of principles to live by, which include values like integrity, honesty, accountability, and responsibility. They also learn important life skills, form strong relationships, and begin to take concrete steps toward their goals. Our residents develop autonomy and independence — but they do so by learning when to ask for help and how to rely on a sober mentor. By the time our residents graduate, they can stride with confidence toward more prosperous futures. Moreover, many of these alumni remain involved and continue to find ways to help newer housemates — even though they may lead busy lives with families and thriving careers.

Healthy Hobbies and Distractions

When a person begins attending meetings, they can ask anyone to sponsor them. A sponsor will help them get through the 12 steps, while at the same time offering their experiences, strength, and hope. Sponsors are not therapists, but they make themselves available at all times for moral support and guidance.

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