Door Works Company (DWC) manufactures in Stanley, North Carolina. We’ve been building Architectural MDF doors for quality Commercial and high-end Residential projects since 2003. In that time we’ve pioneered the use of MDF (medium density fibreboard) for these applications because it has several advantages compared to other common materials, such as solid wood.

MDF is comprised of 100% recycled or recovered wood content, bound together with suppressant resin. It is more durable and homogenous, making it more resistant to warping, splitting and cracking. DWC makes use of MDF sheets that have a high internal bond and boasts a uniform density profile giving the finished doors a highly refined surface texture. 

Innovated solutions

Door Works Company uses innovative engineered solutions to solve limitations of MDF, such as screw holding power for hanging door hardware. DWC uses a modified stile and rail construction method with triple lamination which permits us to integrate marine-grade Baltic birch plywood blocking inside the door. This results in a door with superior fastener holding, structural integrity, and stability. This embedded wood blocking also makes for a consistent finished edge.